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Bones are “bad” and that’s good! Your trombone section will dig this hip chart written just for them. They’ll be stylin’ on a driving head in 3/4, a bridge with a swing feel, an ensemble section, and a trombone section soli. They’ll be lovin’ it so much, they might even let the tenor sax have a solo at measure 57. As always, lots of fun for everyone. (2:42)


Two notes. Then two more. A counter statement. Then another. Ideas develop and unravel. Percussion punctuates, brass recapitulates, woodwinds decorate. Like a lit fuse, this new work will fascinate, enervate, captivate. Drawing you to the very end. And then….KABOOM! (2:50) - Commissioned by the Orillia Secondary School Music Department (Orillia, Canada) Laura Lee Matthie & Robin Watson, directors.

Energy, impulse, ascension. Motifs (avatars) harbour energy, generate impulse, ascend. The avatars in this new work do precisely that. Themes and harmonies soar, rhythms propel, energy issues forth, engaging, energizing, and exciting the young musicians in your band. (2:50) - Commissioned by the Emily Carr Public School Band,
Oakville, Canada. Jean Barber, director





When it comes to Percussion Ensembles, talk is not cheap, it's essential! Featuring an impressive array of things to hit, this "way cool" piece for things pitched and un-pitched will give percussionists and non-percussionists alike much to talk about.  Grooves, moves, and mallet Blues; it's all good. So gather your posse now and just tell them to beat it! Available from Eighth Note Publications


J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice. This hip chart sports a straight ahead swing feel with a twist of cool added for good measure. A catchy (theory) is is postulated and plays out over two alternating chords, F9 and Eb9. Add one modal conceptual framework for the bridge, solos for tenor sax and trombone, a "way cool" ensemble chorus with a just a “smidge" of counterpoint, and the "theory" becomes reality. Trumpet plays to written a E, top space. Dig it!. It's all here! (3:15)

Niobe is a fun bossa nova-style chart with a straight-eighth note feel for the young player. Vince Gassi scored Niobe with a catchy yet easy melody with written solos for 1st tenor sax and 1st trombone. 1st trumpet range is to fourth space E (written). An excellent chart! This title is available in SmartMusic. (3:23)


Avinu Malkeinu (Our Father, Our King) is an ancient Jewish prayer chanted during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. It is a centuries-old supplication for God’s mercy and grace. Its reverent and plaintive character is brought forth poignantly in this beautifully scored arrangement for band. Its lyrical nature and evocative colours will furnish your students with ample opportunity to work on expressive playing and your audiences will moved by its power. (2:25)

J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice. Inspired by the poem, "High Flight," by American WWII pilot, John Gillespie Magee, Jr., this energetic new work calls to mind the thrill and freedom of flight. Opening with rhythmic energy in the winds and rich harmonic statements in the brass, the mood gives way to a sensitive lyrical section. A dynamic development of the opening statement leads, ultimately, to a powerful and climactic ending. An excellent contest piece, this selection will enhance any program. (3:40)

Commissioned by the City of Brampton Concert Band, this piece commemorates 125 years of continuous service to The City of Brampton. It provides ample opportunity for your band to explore diverse colors and textures, from the mysterious opening which features solo piccolo, to exotic woodwind runs in open 5ths; from a delicate lyrical section to a furious dialogue between winds, brass and percussion. There is plenty of energy and excitement in this work to captivate your audiences.


Although the lyrics for the this folk song date back to the 1600s, it wasn’t until 1906 that the song was published in Folk Songs from Somerset. Its simple melody and placid harmony provide a great opportunity for your young musicians to explore expressiveness in their performance. This poignant arrangement will lift your audience emotionally. (2:33)