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Melodies are like vectors. They have direction and magnitude that play with, and against, each other. This new work begins with Vector 1 (woodwinds) followed by Vector 2 (brass) fluidly issuing forth in contrary motion. Against a static vector (horn and percussion), euphonium and bassoon execute the prime vector. Other vectors interact throughout; slow vectors, fast vectors, and eventually, terminating vectors. Let the energy and drive in this dynamic work inspire your band to scale new heights. (3:30)

Amplitude rhymes with attitude and that’s just what this new rock chart has plenty of! And because you ordered by midnight, you also get a heap o’ drivin’ rhythm, an infectious beat, and a way cool tune. ‘Nuff said! (2:25)

Nothing says Noel better than a 16th century courtly dance. Also known as Un Flambeau, Jeannette, Isabelle, it was originally performed for the French nobility. The variations in this new setting will lift your spirits as they pass from a joyous opening, through a brief moment of reflection, and on to a jubilant ending. This little bit of effervescence is a great addition to any part of your Christmas program. (2:25)

Strong themes contrast with gentler statements, expressive of reverence, courage, and pride. Open your next concert with this easy concert march inspired by the bravery and honour of all those who stand on guard for our safety. Dedicated to the memory of Corporal Nathan Cirillo. (2:40)

Guan Yu, a famous general of the Han Dynasty, is remembered for his loyalty and righteousness. Vince Gassi has captured the mystery and grandeur of an ancient empire with dramatic antiphonies, colorful percussion and great melodies for everyone. Outstanding music for the young band! (2:31) DAEHN PUBLICATIONS


J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice. This hip chart sports a straight ahead swing feel with a twist of cool added for good measure. A catchy (theory) is is postulated and plays out over two alternating chords, F9 and Eb9. Add one modal conceptual framework for the bridge, solos for tenor sax and trombone, a "way cool" ensemble chorus with a just a “smidge" of counterpoint, and the "theory" becomes reality. Trumpet plays to written a E, top space. Dig it!. It's all here! (3:15)

J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice. The Christmas classic, We Three Kings, just got "swingified". It starts off in dorian mode and it keeps swingin' throughout. An alto sax solo followed by an ensemble shout section provides contrast to the catchy "Jazz Waltzification" of the head. Trumpet range is to fourth space E. But then again, all instrument ranges keep this cookin' chart easy to execute. Band and audience are sure to dig. (2:19)


Although the lyrics for the this folk song date back to the 1600s, it wasn’t until 1906 that the song was published in Folk Songs from Somerset. Its simple melody and placid harmony provide a great opportunity for your young musicians to explore expressiveness in their performance. This poignant arrangement will lift your audience emotionally. (2:33)



J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice. Inspired by the poem High Flight, by American WWII pilot, John Gillespie Magee, Jr., this energetic new work calls to mind the thrill and freedom of flight. Opening with rhythmic energy in the winds and rich harmonic statements in the brass, the mood gives way to a sensitive lyrical section. A dynamic development of the opening statement leads, ultimately, to a powerful and climactic ending. An excellent contest piece, this selection will enhance any program.


J.W. Pepper Editors' Choice. From the library of Nat Adderley comes another winner for first year players. This Vince Gassi arrangement puts it right in the pocket; an easy 12-bar blues with a swingin’ shout section. Written tenor solo included. Trumpet 1 top note is to written F, top line. Three words dude…hip and accessible!


For a special touch at your next concert, feature one of Canada's most popular folk songs. Often sung to keep time while canoeing or around campfires, the lyrics are originally from a 19th century poem by First Nations poet Pauline Johnson, making this perfect for cross-cultural study. Although this work can easily be performed with strings alone, percussion instruments, including timpani and bells, expand the palette of colours, helping to create a rich tapestry for your listeners.