Jazz Ensemble


Dante's Hot HouseMedium-Difficult    H.M.S. Publications 
“Driving swing, with energy!” describes it exactly. Solos for alto sax, trumpet, and piano combine with solid section and ensemble writing to make this Harknett publication really sizzle. 

For Pete's SakeMedium-Difficult    12th Century Music
Commissioned by the U.W.O. Jazz Ensemble (Bruce Smith, Director) and dedicated to Professor Peter Clements on the occasion of his retirement from the Don Wright Faculty of Music, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada, March 2006. It starts out as a lush ballad featuring a plaintive piano solo and soon changes pace to an up tempo swing feel. The predominant use of polychords gives it a fresh sound. Alto sax and trumpet are featured as soloists in this section followed by a trombone section soli. Switch gears to the Blues and think fast... here comes a two chorus sax soli, piano solo, shout chorus and even an extended drum solo. This chart has something for everyone. 

All For OneGrade 3.5 - 4    12th Century Music
Alternating back and forth between 3/4 and 4/4 time, this chart swings no matter what time signature you're in. (Also available for brass quintet)

One For The MoneyMedium-Difficult  12th Century Music
You'll enjoy playing this interesting tune harmonized in parallel 4ths. This groovin' swing chart puts the pedal to the metal and even includes a contrapuntal ensemble section. (Also available for brass quintet)